Monday, August 15, 2016

Menu Monday...'s not been pretty here the past 2 days. I've
eaten my own body weight in chocolate lol. All I 
need is an In the Heat of the Night marathon and 
cry at something and we're good to go lol. 

Wheat Free

hot dog sauce with taters

had take out, wasn't wheat free
but replaced what i had planned
cauliflower soup
leftover cauliflower soup
thaw liver box and have w/ green beans
creamy potato ham soup
leftover ham soup
tuna melts with canned fruit
chicken nuggets with taters and carrots
fishsticks with taters and carrots
homemade pizza (or thawed)
ramen with grilled cheese
egg white tacos
leftover couscous was for supper
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  1. wow cauliflower soup may need to check that one out I can only imagine how good it would be it sounds delicoius
    come see us at

    1. It is really good, though it makes us farty lol! Thanks for visiting! :)


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