Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kotka Museo Pics 8 of Willem Dafoe's Poopdeck..

Really old shipwreck pieces from the 1200s. The second
one looks like the poopdeck :D

Cool! Kaukola means far away place
Spenser said.

Signal lantern for ships..

They have TONS of miniatures or models at the museo.

Spenser and I one day...:) 

Stuff not to get lost at sea and sextons.

They had some things sailors would take home.
This is a tree made entirely of seashells. I really loved it.

Fake mermaids. Ew. Reminds me of watching
Ripleys Believe it or Not as a kid. 

Saint Nicholas

Pretty sobering they found these in the wreckage.

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