Monday, August 15, 2016

Kotka Museo Part 3 of Willem's Awful Movie Choices...* LONG image heavy post*

So in the museum there is
actually the state museum in part
of the Maritime museum! I was 
crunk becuase I saw tons 
of vintage clothes! Spenser was like 
OH DEAR GOD because I spent like 10 minutes
and he was bored to death lol.

But first..

Check  out this cool mural!

It was huge!

Preview of das boots!  ?? Meh close enough.

and I want to live in this place lol.

Old map.

Location of museum. 

Just drive over the ocean, it's fine lol.

 This gorgeous shot of the floor! I didn't know
how to work the cellphone camera too well..
can you tell?

Now piece de resistance, clothes!

To make Spenser really comfortable, I yelled
FYEKDA across the exhibit..because *nothing*
entertains a Finnish man more than being compared
to a Russian dude from a movie he has been
forced to watch watched many times.  This shirt
was from 1900.

Shirt is really similar and those of you
who know what Spenser looks like, do
y'all see the resemblance is or it just me? 

Kind of in the lips/chin/eyebrow area. :D

YES LORD....YES!!!!!!!



:) 50s dress.

50s wrap dress. Notice the 
detail on the surplice top and

Sewing machine. Annie Blanche :D
(was that right spelling Mom? lol)

Some hand embroidery. 


Really interesting stuff. You see
lots of "grandma's stuff" like this 
at summer cottages.


  1. Gorgeous stuff! (the clothes etc)
    I'm sure you took the pic of the pillowcases on purpose, because there's written 'OH'! :-)
    Simply lovely, thank you for posting.

    1. I loved it too! :D Spenser was like NO and I was like...try 1000 different angles to get the best pictures of clothes lol!

      :D! :D I'm glad you liked it! :)


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