Friday, August 12, 2016

Kotka Museo Part 2 of Maaaany

Still heading to museum..

Downtown through Spenser's window..

Cool pink building and church steeple. LOTS
of church pictures coming later...

Reminds me of the building in Matlock. 

Pretty old home..

One thing about Kotka is lots of roads
are one way. Driving helper didn't know that lol. So
we got to do the weirdest turns. Spenser had
a few choice words about the roads. A SFD moment lol...

Old crane!

Another old Crane :P 



Reached our destination! Of course the
McDonalds we had eaten for lunch had
kicked in a bout of spastic bowel about 12 km before
here and I was about dead. There is a saying between
me and Spenser that it's not a birthday or anniversary
unless I need to use a bathroom, hastily :/ lol.

Anchors too.

Old boat

Pretty neat roundabout art.

Inside walking up to get our tickets :D. 

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