Sunday, August 14, 2016

Good deals..

Went to Tokmanni and found some super
great deals!

Muffin mix for 1 euro each, carton of eggs for 50 cents
each, and salmiakki chocolate for 1 euro.

We only paid 4.20 for the entire thing, and saved 6 euros! :)


  1. Oh Chava LOL!
    It is obvious that I've been for too long abroad because when I read 'henkselikassi' I immediately thought a bag with suspenders in it!

    Anyway, congrats for the good deals! They are always welcome.

    (as to funny receipts, something discounted is marked as Allah. here (a shortened version of Allahindlus)

    1. LOL! :D I have to admit that normally it's just normally written kassit when you shop, right? the phrasing is a bit weird lol!

      Thanks! :D They were REALLY great finds! :) The muffins will be nice, I can be lazy and use them lol!

      LOL! :D That's funny lol! :D


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