Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dream last night...

I was sitting under some trees on the
gravel and grass at Charlie Elliot Wildlife center
with my Mom. It was me but not me..if that makes sense.
My family but not my family...

Mom asked me why I let my boyfriend look
through my phone. I said it wasn't a big deal and 
Mom said that relationships need more trust.

Boyfriend popped up, he held my hand and
we walked down one of the many gravel
roads headed towards home. He had curly
dark hair.

Next thing I know we're at some ice cream
stand like in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
Boyfriend cracked a joke about getting
a job there and they needed someone so
he got hired.

Next thing we're back at my parent's
apartment. (They live in a house in real life).
It was a two bedroom kinda rundown place,
and my sister and I shared a room. The beds
were surrounded by sheets for privacy. Mine
was yellow and my sister's was red.

In the living room boyfriend slept on the 
couch. No funny business, just innocence 
and feeling hopeful about the future. 

I cradled his head against my chest as he


Funny how you miss innocence, real life
can be really sucky.

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