Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Around the house...


Did I ever tell you guys about the trash pick
up people last year? We have shared trash
can bins since we have a housing company. 
The normal guy sent his 16 year kid to do his 
route (Saturday night so guess he was drinking)
and so the teenagers try...aaaaaaaaaaand
rip the door right off the holding container for
our trash.
I heard and saw them, but since I don't
speak fluent Finnish, I was like meh. Spenser's 
brother was like WTF the next day...and I 
was still meh lol! At least they rested the busted door
on the trash unit instead of throwing it away
with the rest of the rubbish :D lol
 Today has been okay, but stressful. Spenser has
had multiple panic attacks and I'm having 
PTSD about the rape stuff. idea why
but it's been BAD the past week.
Stupid random thoughts like "Would have
it been different if the guys were the same race as me?" 
HELL NO it wouldn't change a thing. 
Just meh, it's a Whirpool of crap
in my brain here of late. :/
It's hard to blog/be in contact with
people having Spenser's panic attacks
and my PTSD stufff..hence lack of any
foreblogging. The past couple of weeks
have been pretty stressful.
Tomorrow hopefully we restock and Friday
Spenser has his dentist stuff. Hope y'all
are having a good day out there!
 Which one is Sofie? Can you guess? (Not my gif
but Sofie acts that way lol.) Tonight I got 
treated to squirrel parkour.

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