Monday, August 29, 2016

Around the house...

Man today has been a busy day! :) 

teenage Blackbird we had a couple days ago :). 
We have been having a couple of pigeons hanging
around too and I'll upload those photos later on.

This morning we woke up, Spenser and I
had a nice morning of cuddling. I took Levolac
though last night so nothing like waking up to
machine gun farts then falling back asleep. Hey..
keeping it real :D lol 

We had melties for breakfast (cheese slices
nuked on gluten free cracker bread) and Spenser
went for a run. I started cooking and of course my
Italian spice fell and shattered all over the floor. Plus side,
the vacuum smells like pizza spices lol.

That aside, cooking went well. I made chicken soup,
BBQ chicken melts for us for lunch today, hot dog 
gluten free pasta with veges too. Also some mashed
potatoes to eat with fish sticks and stuff. It went well. I
loaded up the dishwasher and ran it too.

I did about 5 loads of laundry today. I washed
our towels and normal clothes. Then I quick washed
a couple loads.

 Spenser and I set out after eating lunch
(and me having cramping/poops again but quit
as soon as I took the Somac meds). We stopped
by Lidl and got some yogurt and cheese. 

We went to Jumbo and got some decaf coffee.
Spenser and I gambled a little and won 40 euros! :D
That was nice and a blessing! :)
We went to Starbucks with half off coupons
(which have disappeared from Citymarket..nooo)
and got middle size drinks. I got a coupon for a free
drink since they didn't have mine!!! :) AWESOME! :)
We then headed out to Selki thrift store. Fall is 
coming and I found a XXL sweater that fits me
TO A T! The thing is about my size...I'm a XXL
on top and a 3x to 4x on bottom. It is hard to find
stuff that fits accordingly. 4 euros too! :)
We went to Tokmanni (tarjoustalo formally)
in Klaukkala. Found some noodles for super
cheap and I got 5 pairs of socks for 3 euros!!! Anttila 
has a closeout sale and I didn't find anything so good!
So that a blessing! We went to Lidl before coming home,
restocked on milk. I washed the stuff
as soon as we came home.
Spenser's parents came home, they had been
overnight on a trip. It was so quiet :D. Not 5 minutes
home, BHAM! his dad watching tv on the couch lol :D 
They surprised me coming home so early, before 5pm. 
:) lol So we were out for 4 hours! Crazy long time. We had fun
though! Came home and skyped with my folks! :)
So that's been today! Friday Spenser has a 
dentist visit. I have to work on the grocery list
for this week too. Next week my fysiotherapy...
can't spell that in English..for my crotch
will begin...hopefully that has some benefit.
So we've had a good and FULL day. Spenser now
has a slight fever, ( I do too), and his brother and 
girlfriend are home sick...:P ILLNESS :/.
 Me right now, laughing at life's weirdness lol

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