Saturday, August 27, 2016

Around the house...

LOOK at that smile! Sofie is a cute little fart :D 
Fall is coming when the squirrels show up.
We came home at some point and she twerked at 
us while we were in the car lol! :D Fart. 
So I am still having a slight fever, 37.3C or 99F. My
normal temp is 36.6 or 97.8F (my core temp
changed after swine flu..go figure). 
I have been having intense cramps around
my belly button, today it was bad enough I 
doubled over at Ikea. ulcers have
opened. I had the same here in 2002 when I
first moved to Finland. 
I have some leftover
Somac from my Oxiklorin days and within
30 minutes of taking it, I feel WAY better! So
note to future self, when I'm having severe 
cramps and feeling I'm pooping acid, it's ulcer time!

We had a small party, I made these
from the mix I bought a couple weeks ago.

Mmm. Spenser and I had one each from the oven
and I had one at the party. We have 3 leftover so 
pretty popular. Mmmmm :D 

My fever spiked and thankfully I got out...
I was BORED. Plus I was Tumblr looking at 
pictures of Gabe "Guns" Brown.

Pretty sure I look like this during ovulation. My egg
is supposed to drop (BUY MY ALBUM YO!) tomorrow
or by Tuesday. I.Chart.Everything lol.
I made us pizza for supper, leftovers for another
meal tomorrow. Spenser and the guys are playing Xbox together :).
I took the time and washed some dishes, then admired
the sunset.

Pretty! :)
We had a big day out yesterday. I found this 
AWESOME mother of pearl inlay Oriental 
figurine for .10 cents. TEN CENTS. I found
a cool necklace but it broke right after I
bought it lol.

The coming and going fever, Mono, and my
ulcers have kept me from really blogging this week. I haven't
cooked ahead either. We've done well considering. :) 
Hope y'all are doing good out there!

Oh yeah, I got a letter from THE VATICAN. Mucho

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