Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Around the house...

Sofie enjoying a snack :) 

Not much been kicking here. Well alot but 
I forget so much lol. :) I've been enjoying not
cooking though! :) Tomorrow we're having
chicken tacos :D.

We came across some money (woo!) so
we went to restock and went to Jumbo. We had
half off coupons to the new Starbucks and we had
larges, it was GOOD. I had peppermint mocha decaf :D.
Even better it was cheap :D lol

Spenser went to hang around when I went shopping. I got
rice porridge bowls for tomorrow for breakfast, 2 for 2 euros.
4 pack of fruity yogurt for 1 euro, 3 drinkable yogurts for 2 euros,
and in the other store I saved 30 cents on meat patties. Not shabby! :)

We came home and chilled. Spenser was going to meet 
his friend for supper (hello grilled cheese and 
In the Heat of the Night...can't help it..I can't
stand Bubba..more of a Parker girl myself :D)
 but alas, nope! Trying to arrange a dinner
with a friend who lives out of state and has a sick
kid...not easy.

We just relaxed a bunch. I've been tons of candy like 
it's going out of style..I just feel really crappy here of late. 
The heavy steroid cream gave me microtears so my lesions
opened on the uh..."slit" I guess you call it for my crotch
and around my vagina. Not feeling so hot here.

I have Mono, AGAIN. Brought on by stress about
something magical that hopefully will happen..or
start happening soon.

I'm not pregnant, we're not moving to America,
and we're not visiting...but something *magical*
hopefully will start happening soon in September beyond
this wall :) 

Prayers please, it's been already met with quite the
opposition and all. Pray that it will be continued
and that our finances won't be "conflicted" by it. Thanks
a bunch! :)

Today I did some laundry and washed some dishes
by hand, that's about it  :).

Poor baby squirrel :( She had a face injury
but is doing okay now. I named her Reba and 
she doesn't know what to make of bread yet :).

Oh I FINALLY got my desk and drawers cleaned too! It 
took 2 hours and I had a big trash bag full of random stuff. 
I have a looooong way to go to declutter little things here and there.

I hope y'all are having a good week so far! :) 


  1. Woohoo I KNOW IT!!!! :-)
    I'm so happy for you :-)
    Everything is going to be ok :-)

    1. :D :D

      Thanks! :D I appreciate the reassurance, I'm kinda AHHH still.

  2. Prayers for whatever it is - hope it all works out great!

    1. Thanks! :) Hopefully it's a positive change if it ever gets off the ground lol!


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