Thursday, August 18, 2016

Around the house..

Been a busy couple of days here!

Yesterday I cooked quite a bunch. I did
meatballs n taters with gravy,  potato
and ham soup, chicken carrot rice one pot dish,
and boiled taters and carrots for sides. 

I did some laundry too. 
Today I had a bit of a down day, it was nice!
I did one load of laundry, ran the dishwasher,
and made pizza for supper. :)
Yesterday we were out quite a long time with
Spenser's Mom so I had a chance to get some

AW! Aren't the animals cute? I loved the bunny,
called him Colonel?  Brandon :D.  

AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd they brought a plane
inside Jumbo? lol :D  Pretty cool to look at.

So it was an interesting afternoon. Honestly
I'm kinda tired and all...Tomorrow we have to 
go therapy for Spenser so I won't be online. I hope
ya'll have a great weekend! :)


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