Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Around the house...

Man this day has been crazy, it's flown

We're over the flu we got, well Spenser is,
I'm still napping in the afternoon I'm so tired.

I got a bunch done today! I washed
all our backed up dishes by hand and then
took trash. I changed all the sheets
and duvet covers, washed all those.

I shook out the rugs and dustmopped too. 
Refilled the laundry detergent bottle too.

I love we use 6 boxe of detergent
a year, and I wash laundry pretty much
every day :D.

We ate lunch at home, Spenser is 
having a rough patch with insomnia. Hence
my being uninspired to blog here of late.

We went out and shopped a bit, we came
home and I zonked. Spenser picked up some
family at the airport and I chilled, read the Bible
off and on today.

I have to figure on what to cook, *blah*. I don't
feel like doing squat for the next two weeks lol. I
think burnout from doing all the housework at once lol!

I hope y'all are having a good Tuesday out there!

mmm coffee...talking about being in 
hell with all the family...classic *willem* lol

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