Monday, August 1, 2016

Around the house...

Well alot has happened in the past week.
You can tell the blog was on auto publish for
a good chunk of that week too. :)

We got new cellphones! Of course on
a 3 year payment plan because we're poor! :D
Figures we paid off the former bricks last 

That's an untouched picture, it has a GREAT
camera, whoo! Whenever I do venture out to 
take pictures it'll come in handy. Sorry for the half
naked dude, it's Finland, everyone is half
naked at summer.

So we had fun with that. Spenser had to get
on my 'host' or whatever because Elisa
doesn't make nano sim cards for prepaid. Nano cards...
yeah alot has changed for cellphones in the past 3 years.

My new phone had a selection to keep
"mobile data always on" and even though I 
had turned it off, it had some weird setting. It ate
a bunch of money which SUCKS but thankfully
found the off button. 

I did some cleaning here and there, nothing
huge since I was sick with Mono last week. 
Nothing screams hurrah like flaming orange and
yellow poop and passing gallstones :/. 

Today we restocked, and it went really well, whoo!
Found some good deals for the freezer :). 

We have
to adjust our shopping since Spenser has elevated
LDL and HDL cholesterol. Lower fat dairy
and not eating egg yolks/take out so often. Of course
this weekend/today we've had an awful diet. You just
have to get up on the horse again :).

I've had two panic attacks last week, that sucked.
Decongestants and I don't agree it seems.

Spenser and I went to Ikea today. We got some shelving
so I have a place for my Catholic statues now :D Also
two more coffee cups since some got dropped.

He put up another one too for more food storage, there is
no "counter" space to swap and move stuff around when I cook.

So overall it's been pretty okay. 

The weekend was QUIET. All the family were gone so it 
was nice and quiet. Saturday we went grocery shopping and
then had a 2.5 hour drive all over Espoo. Ikea has 1 euro ice
cream cones, oh yeah. :D

I cooked a bit on Sunday, easy stuff. Mackerel soup and
light brown rice with veges and low fat hotdogs.

This week doesn't have much happening. Spenser
has another therapy visit early this week and that's about it. 

I turn 32 next week :P lol No great plans, hopefully
drive. I'd like to visit Hattula Holy Cross Church

We'll see though. I have to work around car
sharing issues and Spenser/my health issues.

So that's about it here. I hope ya'll are 
having a good week and all! :)



  1. How many clothes do you expect the guy to wear in the water? :)

    Eggs have got a bad rap over the years. ( People weren't dropping dead of heart attacks when they ate eggs and lard and butter. It's gone through the roof since the invention of margarine and 'health food'.

    I love seeing your pictures!

    1. True lol! :D

      Yes! that's true! Finns have a really bad cholesterol gene so we'll have to weary with it. Spenser's cousin died at age 36 of a massive coronary and he was on paper in good health.

      Thanks! :)


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