Monday, July 25, 2016

Menu Monday..

We're having the last hurrah it seems for summer,
and that's okay. I'm praying it goes over quick and
we just get some fall weather here fast :). I'm ready!

Changes in the way I write the menu,
we have the wheat free recipes and then
the normal recipes. 

Wheat Free Lunch or Supper

chicken soup

leftover chicken soup

cauliflower soup

leftover cauliflower soup

ham pasta salad

thawed liver box with green beans

thaw frozen hot dog pasta with green beans

Wheat Lunch or Supper

egg salad sandwiches with canned fruit

tuna melts with canned fruit *lunch today*

egg white tacos or egg sandwiches
(eggs are easy protein in heat)

thaw pizza

microwave ramen and have sandwiches

meatballs with potatoes

decide that day..*we had this
micowave meal and it was GOOD!*
Got 2 for 2 euros in the sales bin :)

Thanks for stopping by! Though there
is no Menu Monday, thought I'd share mine
anyways :).

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