Monday, July 11, 2016

Menu Monday...

Mmmm menu planning is so much 
easier without food allergies lol.

I keep trying to blog and just end up
watching Filthy Frank lol.
I cooked on a Sunday so
we have more food than normal since
this a sunday-sunday menu.
Today we had unplanned takeout. Spenser
and I had to find his medical office for Wednesday
so lunch on the road was important.
Tuna melts were for Sunday lunch. 
ham n couscous with feta
gluten free nakki sauce with garlic mashed taters
takeout on Wednesday (coming from doc)
nuggets with veges
gluten free mackerel soup
thaw pizza
Yesterday we had gluten free egg tacos for supper.

Today we had gluten free cauliflower soup.
gf leftover cauliflower soup
gluten free thawed liver box with veges
 gf leftover mackerel soup
gluten free hotdogs n rice with veges

gluten free chicken filets thawed with
thawed creamed potatoes and veges
fishsticks with veges 

Thanks for stopping by! Check out Menu Monday
for more menus!

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