Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day...

Being an expat for 4th of July is really
hard to deal with. Everyone is grillin'
and chillin' back home and in your
other country, it's just an average day.

Had a good skype with my family so
that always helps! (Get better sis!)
Happy birthday Dad! :)

We went to Helsinki today to
get me a cheaper soundcard so
I can listen to music and skype :)
Verkkokauppa has a viewing deck so we checked it out! :)

Some pics!

This thing..pretty cool.


Spenser and I think the big garage (highlighted w/ arrow)
is where they filmed Trouble in Paradise by Kaurismaki. You
NEED to watch his movies :) .


After that we went to the free parking beach
thing in Helsinki and hung out a bit.

Oooo mansion? Look a few pics from now :D

Really pretty flowers.

Empty on a warm rainy day.

I MISS hardwood trees! I know it's funny
but birch, pine, and spruce get a bit
tiring lol.

Bear...from Alaskan Bush People? :D lol It
was a neat fountain.

NOT a mansion at all lol! :D The commie block
from the 60s attached was quite the shocker.


  1. Yeah, don't really understand that, but then Canada day isn't a 'sacred holiday' like you guys and the 4th.

    I don't know if you saw this but I thought you'd get a kick out of it

    1. Yeah that's true lol, Americans are CRAZY about July 4th. It's always been more about my dad's birthday to me but it's so American, eat a helpless animal and make loud noises lol!

      Thanks for the pic, it made me laugh lol! :D


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