Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Home Medicine..What works for me...Aloe Vera...

Disclaimer: Not a doctor so if this seems
weird to you, ask a doctor before trying :). 

I'm not paid for this, but am interested in treating some
of my health issues naturally. 

Things I have Found Aloe Vera Gel Good For

1) Itchy piles or hemorrhoids (might burn for a few seconds)
2) Soothing for eczema outbreak
3) Soothing on face for rosacea flare, can use
instead of washing with soap.
4) Clitoris itching (might burn for a few seconds)
5) Sunburn (I can't be in the sun but heard it works)
6) Inner ear canal itching (helps a bunch)
7) Moisturizing inside of your nostrils (really good for that
at winter and if you have boogers..(lol))
8) Moisturizing your feet (ashy issues like me)
9) Itchy scalp issues
 So I hope these help if you have the same
issues and want a cheap alternative :).

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