Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Helsinki Tech Museuo 4 of Wha?

We were told by the nice lady about the 
power station! It still works which is neat! :)

Bridge again :)

Stinky river. I hope we didn't have a 
poo mist going on when we were on the walkway. You
can't help but get sprayed lol.

What really grinds my gears..I'm here all night!

Cool old sink. Remember (my family) the
little red plastic drinking thing stuck on the side
of the house in Ohio we could drink from? Like
a small water fountain? :D

More boilers and stuff.

Yeah that's a small staircase...I mean SMALL.
Like I barely fit lol. I'm fat but not that fat.
People were smaller in those days.

Funny I had trouble due my chunky and
Spenser had trouble because he's over 6 feet lol :D

Cool dragon pattern!

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