Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Barley Bread, no kneading, no yeast, EASY

Was reading the Bible when I kept getting
verses about barley bread. I'm not allergic to
gluten, just wheat, so I googled and found this
great recipe in Finnish!

I used 1 cup barley flour to 1 cup
warm water, mixed well. I included 1/2 teaspoon
sugar and 1/2 teaspoon salt. I let the flour
rest for a couple of minutes.

I added enough barley flour until I could 
move the paste onto the baking paper. I sprinkled
rice flour on top and smashed them flat with
a fork, then poked holes in them. 
I baked them
at 205C / 400F for 6 minutes then turned the heat off,
and let them sit a couple more minutes to crispen up.

I LIKE them! :) I hope my rear can adjust to the fiber.
Spenser liked them okay but he can eat wheat :).


  1. Ohrarieska, my favorite!! I grew up on it (and on traditional sourdough rye bread) It is also one of my comfort foods (links to childhood for sure)

    Glad you can enjoy them too :-)

    1. Awesome! :D Thanks for letting me know the name! :D

      Nice! :D I LOVED them! With a bit of cheese it tasted like a Karelian pie! :D

      Thanks! Me too! Really frugal and fast, win win for me lol!


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