Saturday, July 9, 2016

Around the house...

Ah, we had a week off with no Grump
around, it was nice :D. 

So Tuesday and Wednesday we did
our normal things, except for eating out
and visiting the malls.  I cooked on Tuesday
and that's been it.  Got my 2 extra kilos
from my staycation week lol.

We got a big bag of clothes from Spenser's brother
so I went through and picked out what he'd like
and washed them. I have to really get in
and declutter our clothes storage. He got some good
running coats and pants.

I've taken a break from doing any chores really. I'm 
doing my second load of laundry now and next week
I'll have to wash some sheets. I need to vacuum again,
we always get more grit/gravel towards fall. I don't
know why.

Berries are 3 weeks early and so are mushrooms. We
were right about fall coming sooner than we thought!
We'll have a couple weeks of Indian Summer 
(is that PC, probably not? No idea what else to call it..)
and then BHAM! fall rains baby. :)

Thursday and Friday we were out ALOT. Thursday
we visited a museum, 2 new malls, it was 
cool! :) I'll have pictures hopefully next
week about that. Gone 6.5 hours :D

Friday we got out and hit up some
thrift stores, ate out again. It was nice :). Gone
4.5 hours :D lol

Today we're home and I'm fine with that! :)

So that's what's been up here, I hope y'all
are having a great weekend! :)

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