Monday, July 25, 2016

Around the house...

28C inside (82F)...I shouldn't complain
because back home it's 36C or 96F...ouch!

I skipped Menu Monday last week and
so it figures it's not happening for two weeks lol!
I went ahead and did it anyway :D 

I'm always interested in what other people
eat, curse of the homemaker...figuring out
what to cook lol.

I hope ya'll had a good week last week!
I took some time off blogging, just feeling
pretty run down. 

Can y'all throw a prayer out to my Dad and Mom?
They are having mucho stomach upset and issues
lately. Thanks!

Not really much happening to blog about though. Today
is one of the cooler this week so I did the sheets and pillow
cases plus normal laundry. 

I cooked pasta salad ahead, chicken soup, and eggs
for egg salad. I made the dressing and tomorrow I'll
mix it together in the morning so the pasta salad
will be good for lunch :). It's too hot to eat heavy
meat meals.

I have SO much to do here of late. I have my list
of stuff to do before fall and I'll get to it here and there :).
Clutter, so much clutter!!!

That's just a quick bit. I hope y'all have a great week! :)


  1. Done!

    Well, today we ate fried eggs (they don't take as long as boiled) for breakfast and ice-cream for lunch. Our chef recommended popcorn for dinner!

    Would you mind to share your 'before fall' list here (or in an email)? I think I'd be inspired :-)

    1. Hi! :) Thanks! I think I'll make a salad from them..we're having to watch Spenser's cholesterol so some menu modifications will have to happen here.

      mmm that sounds good! :D

      Sure! I'll send it to you via email :D


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