Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Around the house...

The urge to fall clean is starting with me but
I've been sick an IBD flare for 3 days now. I
wish I'd quit pooping/cramping!

I hope y'all are having a good day out there! :)

I have been so sick I've haven't been cooking..
and y'all know me...I ALWAYS cook. So we've
been doing pretty okay with throw together meals..
and ironically following my menu this week lol!
I have SO much to do! I need to vacuum, clean,
organize, ahhhhhhhh! WHY do I get these urges
when I'm sick and barely able to move? lol
The weather has been pretty pleasant at least.
Spenser got out for a bike trip today.  We've been
home and that's not bad, just relaxing as best I can.
I'm writing another book, hurrah! :P 
So that's about what's up here. Hopefully
cook tomorrow and then on Friday Spenser
has another therapy visit.


  1. Dear Chava,

    I hope and pray that you'll feel better soon! Take it really esy and be patient with yourself :-)

    So you are having another coloring day on Friday! Save a page for me, too! :-) And please remember to color outside the lines. It is a brilliant and safe way to be rebellious and release some inner frustration and tensions. Nobody will be hurt and you'll feel great :-)

    Oh and how I love Mrs Doubtfire and his desperate attempts to be with his child. I just don't have the energy to condemn the movie because of cross-dressing nor to discuss in deep why do this kind of problems exist (blaa blaa)I think we don't need to take everything so, so seriously... oh well off topic but anyway... This one with vacuuming is one of my fav scenes :-) Another one is when a guy is trying to steal his purse - - I'd like to be that kind of granny who gives a thief a surprise...

    1. Thanks! I'm still resting :D

      I was going to color but the books were occupied :( At least I had brought my mp3 player lol! :D Thanks!

      Me too :D That's a great movie. :D


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