Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Around the house...

AHHHH I'm tired y'all. Spenser had a rough
couple of nights. I didn't fall asleep from 1am 
to about 4:30am. It was too hot/muggy. I did
finally fall asleep thinking of a story line to 
Hell on Wheels lol.

YES...WINTER IS COMING. Seriously though,
goodbye to weird thunder/lightning and I can
quit shaving my legs lol.

I've been making gifs again lol, it's fun to
do to fill the time here and there.

Anywho, Sunday was pretty busy for me. I cooked
ahead a bunch so I didn't have to fart with it
with Spenser's medical and dental this week. 

I changed all the bedding that needed it, and washed
2 loads of normal clothes plus towels. I shook out 
rugs and swept with a broom/ dustmopped the whole
apartment. There are times you don't want to drag
out the vacuum. :)

I did a bunch of dishes too. Some other stuff
I've forgotten by now lol. Oh yeah, editing pictures! :)
Monday was kind of a rest day, I threw out 
my middle left back, AGAIN, doing all that jazz
on Sunday.

We drove around and found Spenser's 
medical office for tomorrow. We had McDonalds
and then stopped at some store for baby food
and some stuff...can't remember what else.

I did some laundry I remember and 
hung out on the computer.

Today has been okay but good Lord I'm tired. A friend
is having marriage crisis issues, Spenser's had like 6 panic
attacks, I'm having stabbing pains all through
my joints, it's just been a looooong day :).

Hey, I made some bread lol! Oh yeah! 

We were at Lidl when this poor lady got
backed into by some foreign dudes. It went okay
but that WAS NOT how I planned on spending my
time out on Tuesday lol. 

Spenser and his friends are playing some 
Xbox! I'm taking time to edit photos and do some
junk before I just phase out for the rest of the week lol.

Hope y'all are doing good and let y'all know I
love my blog readers and my friends! :)

I used to have a crush on Data but since
he was a robot..does that make him like
a sex toy with a conscious?  Uhhhh???

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