Friday, July 1, 2016

Around the house... I'll be 
whining when it's cold though, that's 
how I roll lol.

Yesterday was pretty good. I vacuumed!!!
and did some dishes in the dishwasher...that's
really about it. General homemaking stuff...I 
did clean the sink and potty too. Did some laundry. 
Changed seat covers.
Bad news with the car, it has some electrical
issues so that sucks. Oh well. If we're carless
next week at least *hopefully* it'll be cooler and 
we can use a bus if we need to get out.
Today has been good but kinda crazy. Trying
to restock with one car and 3 people
trying to use it gets kinda iffy. Thankfully
though we pulled it off!
Went to Jumbo, restocked quite well! Had to
go home so inlaw could take the car. Ate lunch
and zoned out to some tv.  (After putting away
a ton of stuff).
Go out again, get meds and pick up some 
good deals from Tammisto market. Go
to Lidl, repeat lol. Visit bread outlet and
stock up on bread rolls...Visit 
Tokmanni and get a tv antenna for inside. 
That was our afternoon! I did an evening
load of laundry and put on the dishwasher
after organizing the freezers and all.
Been a BUSY day. :) 
Had a great Skype with my folks too and 
now it's headed to bed time. Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)


  1. Good for you! Nice to hear :-)What a blessed busy day. Have a great weekend, too, and take care!

    1. Thanks! :D It was! Today has been too hot so I'm glad at least we did all that on the cooler day lol! Thanks! I hope you have a great one too and I wrote you back at email! :D


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