Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ramblings and Updates...

Ah Willem, he's a goober! 

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I ended up
with the telltale smell of vaginosis so I've been on
antibiotics. Instant trots and just feeling super under
the weather, plus a fever! 5 years of an undiagnosed
infection will do that to you :P lol.

Sorry if that's too much info..honestly this blog
probably qualifies as TMI lol.

We've had a pretty quiet week for the most part,
I've been resting. Lots of easy food, too tired to cook
anything really. Thank goodness for tacos and valmis ruoka..too
tired to translate that bit lol.

Weather has been super rainy and cool, and it's been nice!
I have super enjoyed it. I hope it doesn't get too hot, I'm 
too pooped for heat.

Good news, I got a pelvic floor therapy appointment
for September! It's already looking to be a busy fall 
and we're not out of June yet lol!

Vaginosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvodynia,
and erosive lichen planus. WHY DOES MY

Speaking of hating vaginas, Tom Hiddleston
is dating/boinking Taylor Swift.

Really Tom? Really? God just get married,
crap out 4 kids and start teaching a class on
acting already! 

I'm having my period right now to boot so
I can be grumpy and blog what I want lol.

Pretty least we have Gabe..

 Yes....yeeeeeeeeeeeees. Damn you unworking

Anywho, meh. Oh yeah Spenser's Mom
called me a Princess lmao! Some of y'all
know the interesting personal issues about
that so it was freaking hilarious :D

Also I figured out the asshole teacher who saw
me being dragged into the bathroom and didn't do
shit. He was this old ex Navy asshole who hated women.
He was just awful and rude to us girls in the class. It was
around the time my aunt died also in 2001 spring...what a
crap time that was.  My teacher was on maternity
leave and this prick got to take care of us students.

Man wish we had this guy as a teacher then lol.

I've been having PTSD dreams about the crap again...
*sigh*.  So that's really all that's going on here..


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