Monday, June 20, 2016

Menu Monday..


gluten free (GF) mackerel soup (lunch today)

GF sausage stirfry with converted rice

chicken nuggets with taters and carrots

tuna melts with canned fruit (supper tonight)

decide that day 

Juhannus Meal (midsummer)

GF pasta with hotdogs and veges


GF leftover mackerel soup

GF leftover stirfry (if none left we'll have riisimuna)

fishsticks with taters and carrots

meatballs in gravy with veges and mashed taters

decide that day

creamed ham on toast

GF leftover pasta with veges

Midsummer Meal

Peach betty for dessert

Parmesan and bacon grill sausage (made in oven)

thaw Karelian pies

thaw Lanttu box

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