Monday, June 6, 2016

Menu Monday...

A leftover meal we had a couple 
months ago. Green beans with couscous and feta,
hard boiled egg, leftover potatoes, and mackerel
in tomato sauce. It was GOOD!

Due to lots of medical whoopla this week
I cooked a bunch early so I can just reheat
and all, don't have to stress. I'll make
tacos and stuff amongst the precooked
stuff if I want something too.


 Lunch today was salmon soup with
carrot bread rolls.  (Soup was GF)

 ham, vege medly, and couscous and feta

GF nakki sauce with instant potatoes

take out or storebought quick reheat
(probably mcdonalds wednesday, friday)

ham n pineapple pizza

decide that day

GF riisimuna (rice eggs)
with veges...I need to make a 
how to of this Finnish recipe. 


Supper today will be tuna melts
with canned fruit.

leftovers couscous/ham/vege stuff with feta

GF salmon soup

decide that day

GF scrambled egg tacos 

GF cauliflower soup

GF leftover soup or boughten
liver box with veges (need the iron :P)

Thanks for stopping by and make sure
to visit  Menu Monday for more menus!

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