Monday, June 6, 2016

Around the house...

Nibbler in April, he hasn't been by since
Robert pecked him on the butt. Birds and squirrels..
like nature's Middle East lol.

Been awhile since I blogged, sorry about that.

We did restock last Wednesday and even though
the list was pretty small, it took FOREVER. With
dyslexia I shop on where I remember locations of the
items (normal folks too probably) but they had
ripped out Prisma's sections in Jumbo and it took
FOREVER to find everything.

I don't think we got anything on sale really either.

Friday I cooked a bit for the weekend, mostly we rested. 
Thankfully the heat has died down and we're back to
normal least for now.

It was the grassy knoll of emotions this
past weekend, just ugh. Depression bouts,
anxiety, and anger. It was like PTSD alley, just
sucked to be frank. 

Hopefully y'all got that joke :D lol
Today has been okay! We got out and
did a bit of shopping. Citymarket had
euro day so for 10 euros we got :
a loaf of bread, bag of papaya for Spenser,  dates,
chips, cinnamon rolls, small smoothies, meatballs,
and lunchmeat. Oh and apples and bananas too.

Crazy good deals!

I've been avoiding burnout playing Kingdom, it
really is a fun game. I'd not say avoiding burnout
but trying to cope? I guess with it. 

I cooked a bunch today, massive amount of 
ham and couscous with veges, salmon soup,
nakki sauce, instant taters, and I think that's it? 

We have Spenser's dental appointment this week
as well as my crotch cancer check so I hopefully
won't have to cook until Saturday. 

I hope y'all are having a good day so far! :)

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