Thursday, June 23, 2016

Around the house...

Man alive it's been an interesting
time since blogging last lol.

One Pied Flycatcher egg! This was taken
some weeks ago. The baby fledged and we missed it :(
To boot Robert has been flying up looking at the house
like...well's over. :( We both had empty
nest syndrome concerning baby bird I guess.

Then Nibbler showed up today!!! He ran up
to Spenser and rubbed his belly! :D We
gave him some bread and he spent about 20
minutes up in the pine tree just eating, chilling.

:) Solved my empty nest feelings lol!

Tuesday we went on a big shopping trip,
it went okay! Spenser's Mom took like an hour
just window shopping....*sigh* lol. Thankfully
we had stuff to entertain ourselves with at Jumbo.

Wednesday was pretty good. We got out
and did some shopping at Tammisto citymarket
and Lidl...they had good sales. Nothing like blow
your socks off but good deals on yogurt...stuff like that. today has been like a week's worth
of bullcrap rolled into one day.

Spenser has to see ANOTHER DOCTOR before
he can get in line for therapy for his anxiety. He had
to do some blood tests and other things before which just
doesn't make f*cking sense in my mind...but whatever.
So we took the Paskabox car in and of course, it 
wouldn't start after Spenser had his bloodwork. :/ We had
to wait for his dad to give us a jump and of course, his
Dad couldn't find any cables and had to buy new. 

Thankfully we had enough money for breakfast, it
was croissants and yogurt drinks.  You know you're
poor when you don't have bus ticket money lmao. 
(Wonder why we don't live Stateside? It's f*cking crazy
expensive to move to USA and live there. We just
don't have the cash on top of a shit list of 1000s 
of other reasons why. We'd of been bankrupt in
the States with all my health issues and no insurance.)
 Well guess after years of blogging it's 
good to get that out there lol.

So I fed a seagull and named him Grumpy Bob
while we waited for the jump. 

Finally got home at 10am...we must of waited 1.5
hours so that was sucky. Thankfully I had a super early
load of laundry and then today I stripped all the bedding
and did 4 loads of laundry including all the sheets/etc.

Spenser has had multiple panic attacks today,
and I'm f*cking worn out. I had a serious bout of
colitis getting off the antibiotics I 
spent most of this week on the toilet to be frank.

Hopefully the shitbox car gets fixed...but who knows.
I love to blast this from the mountain tops. WE'RE POOR. 
Like...POOR. Like hey this holler looks pretty good lol.

So that's been my week so far :P

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