Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Around the house...

The blog was on auto publish most
of last week. It has been a tiring week
of medical, trust me on that lol.

Spenser's dental exam went well!
He needs a filling, a filling replaced,
and his gums scraped. Other than that
he's okay! It was heck finding
the place though, an old 1960s bunker school. 
I had my new visit to the vulva
specialist last Friday. 

1) I have bacterial vaginosis and have
 had it for years. Definitely got worse after
miscarriage all those years ago. She said if
my husband can smell the fishy smell...yeah it's
pretty bad. I have antibiotics for it now. Multiple
rounds of antibiotics lol.

2) My ulcer/lesions have healed up! The Dermovat
worked well but we have to switch me to something lower 
I can use daily. I am using another topical chemo
called Elidel and I tolerate it better being a cream than
petroleum based (Hey Mom, I'm having that now too lol!). 
I am having a special cream mixed together of sulpher, lotion,
hydrocortizone, and something else.  It hasn't come yet but
hopefully soon.

3) Oral treatments for erosive lichen planus suck
and make more problems than they solve 
(remember oxiklorin and me?).

4) I was prescribed the wrong medicine which aggravated 
my conditon, oh yeah!

So basically we're doing a bunch of treatments again
to keep the ulcers/lesions healed.  My specialist is
located in the "ew" part of the hospital, STD clinic. So well...
that sucks but hey she's REALLY nice and cool!
We tried to make my appointment for the vulvodynia
specialist but alas, the newbie clerk lady couldn't
find the referral in the system...though my doc talked
with me about it on Friday and saw it lol. *sigh*.


Things that were out of my control and royally pissed me off
left us without a car for Spenser's doctor's visit today. He's
going to get the therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news
and all! He'll get bloodwork done soon too to check
up on him. 

All aboard! How we got home today.

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