Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Around the house...

We've had quite a busy time since I blogged last.

Spenser's hard drive is getting corrupt so 
we got him a new hard drive. Still waiting on
it to come from the warehouse so we can pick it up. That
was Saturday.

 Sunday we FINALLY broke down the horrible old
clunky hall cabinet. I wonder if y'all remember
what it looked like. Well it got demolished by
Spenser and I! :) I am glad, what a pain in
the butt. Squeaky doors, just ugh. It would
pop and creak at winter, freaky.
Space that's leftover. We barely put
out anything downstairs, funny how
a waste of space the old cabinet was.

Monday we got out and bought
a new shelf! It was pretty easy to assemble,
no screws. Pressure thingies...? 

We took the old clunker cabinet to the 
sorting center. They didn't take cash so they
waved the 2 euro fee! That was nice! It 
got chunked without a hitch.

Yesterday I finally got the cabinets
 arranged and stuff laid out how I 
wanted. Spenser also put in a 40cm
shelf for my Tupperware storage, it's
the little silver thing in the picture upper

We had some old small cabinets 
laying around in the basement
so here's the final result!

We got a picture of the Eiffel Tower for the hall too.
It doesn't feel so oppressive to come into the 
apartment anymore.  It opens the whole
thing up.

Yesterday I did a couple loads of laundry and
sorted the drawers in the main room. Spenser
had like 8 pairs of long johns lol!
I pitched a 50 gallon trash bag of 
"I'll get to quilting" scraps. Nope, not
gonna happen and it was clogging up space. 
I haven't cooked this week, it's been too
darn hot and I've been too busy. We had
tuna melts, take out, egg tacos, stuff like that.
Today we might get out to
depends. I got up at 5am since Spenser
couldn't rest anymore so I'm about fried today.
I hope y'all are having a good day so far!

Pretty cool truck art! We got stuck on
Ring Road 3 return traffic...


  1. Congrats!!

    You answered my plead before I got my mouth open! Thank you so much, I was waiting for this! :-D

    And you know what, I think you'd do a very cool Motörhead cover: Waste Of Space! Waste Of Space! :-)

    Happy June!

    1. Thanks! :D It's been a couple years in the works..I don't know why but I guess we felt it'd be worse but it took like an hour to demolish them? lol

      Thanks lol! :D

      Happy June to you too! :D


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