Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You know you shouldn't watch that...

Spenser and I heavily patrol ourselves
from new television, unless it's really

Everyone knows I love Tom Hiddleston
so I was whoo! after his new movies started
coming out in 2015 and 2016.

I loved him as Loki and have watched
a few of his movies since then. Only
Lovers Left Alive was really good. 
Sadly lots of the new ones coming out
are really full of violence and nudity.

I decided I'd never watch Crimson Peak.

Fast forward until we're on an airplane, 8 hours 30 minutes
until we land and I'm BORED. There is only so much 
beef jerky and Breaking Benjamin you can listen to.
(I dreamed Dark before Dawn for weeks). 

So I settled in and watched Crimson Peak. It
started pretty well but I got bored. It got to
the sex scene and I tried to fast forward it.

The touch screen didn't go, but then it got
kinda stuck. So I'm talking with the 
cabin crew lady while Tom Hiddleston
is getting rode like Marshal Dillon's horse :(..and
it was stuck on a loop cycle.

At the end there was Ghost Tom and that
made me cry....and it was a pretty cruddy
movie. :/

Really stick to your guns folks..if it doesn't
feel like a good thing to watch then don't.

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