Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Whatcha been up to....

Lighthouse house :D

It's been okay around here, just feeling
sick and all. We caught some awful
flu from the doctors office last Monday. 

Last week I kept to the menu but didn't really
blog any. We just rested quite a bit.

This week so far is going okay! I didn't
do squat on Monday. Tuesday I vacuumed.

Today I cleaned the "odds n ends" cleaning
you put off when you're just too busy or not
feeling well.

 I cleaned the microwave, I cleaned the bathroom
sink/potty/toothbrush place. (not all those in one lol). 
I cleaned out the fridge too and well...

there is a sliding glass plate..well there was. My
eyes are getting pretty bad and I stepped on the glass :/
Thankfully didn't hurt my foot but it was the final
blowout in a morning where I had had enough!

Cleaned up the glass, did some laundry, and 
then we ate fishsticks and taters for lunch. 

Fridge still works well plus it's from like...1994
so meh... :P

Most of my menu isn't cookahead but 
thaw or make the same day. No complaint here 
about that!
So that's the small things going around. :)

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