Friday, May 6, 2016

There's a hole in my foot, dear Liza..

Our Pied Flycatcher...he's such a loud fart but
really cute. I wish he didn't sing the song of his
Polygamist people at 3am though lol.

Today Spenser was cleaning up the woodpile and
stepped on a board with a nail. :( Lindroos
people are pretty cursed with trying to do anything I think.

So I cleaned and bandaged it up, he went outside
to finish. I FOR THE LIFE OF ME couldn't find
the public health nurse's phone number anywhere on the

 I gave up and called the local ER and (thank you Lord!)
got a great nurse who spoke PERFECT english. She
said that he needed to see a doctor as soon as possible....
and we had no vehicles available...:/. 

FINALLY we got one and raced to the local health center
and got in! Spenser was given a tetanus booster and I
was too! :) Last I got was 2000...its been awhile lol :D Spenser
last got his in the 1994. :P

So that was a blessing! We went shopping and got more
fruit (4 pudding cups for 1.50 euros...yes for me) and 
then tried a local animal farm but it was closed. We
went to Lidl and got some pizza, came home the
scenic route.

Been a weird crazy day. Good news is a family
member isn't ill like we thought! Now only if
the other family wouldn't act like hysterical bunch
of weirdos we'd be good :) lol

So that's the update today !

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