Monday, May 9, 2016

Menu Monday..


Gluten free ham stirfry with rice

gluten free mackerel soup

tuna pineapple pizza

gluten free riisimuna with vege medley

Rice's a Finnish recipe. I don't bake the egg
but fry it and lay it on top of the's faster. You
flavor rice with sauteed onion and ketchup. I can
hear my sis cringing now :D lol It's actually really
good though, Finnish ketchup is WAY less syrupy.
decide that day
take out (medical whoopla)
gluten free cottage cheese 
casserole (yet to find recipe) with
fishsticks with carrots and potatoes
gluten free leftover soup
ramen with grilled cheese
gluten free egg tacos
decide that day
gluten free liver box with green beans
leftovers, takeout, or decide that day
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