Monday, May 2, 2016

Menu Monday...

I actually stuck to my menu during my
blogging absence! :) 


leftover gluten free ham soup (today's supper)

couscous with green beans, feta, and
fried eggs

ramen noodles with grilled cheese 

gluten free cauliflower soup

fishsticks with potatoes and carrots

gluten free decide that day

gluten free hotdogs and rice with veges


tuna melts with tinned fruit

gluten free egg tacos

gluten free nakki sauce with
taters and carrots

Google finnish hot dog sauce for recipe

gluten free leftover soup

creamed ham over bread

decide that day or leftovers

Thanks for visiting! Check out 
Menu Monday for more menus! :)


  1. Do you mean gf hot dog buns? I'm interested :-)

    1. Oh I just mean like hot dogs chopped up in rice with like bell peppers and onions. I'm weird, I like it :D lol I wish I could find gluten free hotdog buns!


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