Friday, May 6, 2016

Holy moly I love vinegar...

"MOM...I'M SUNBURNED!!!" How many times
did my Mom hear that growing up?  She'd break out
the white vinegar and a washcloth..and a few applications
later my sunburn didn't hurt at all! It took the "fever" out of 
it and by golly it's still my favorite sunburn cure.

Not that I'm ever in the sun now with eczema..I literally
burned my legs through my clothes today??

You can use vinegar for so much stuff, it's crazy!

1) Relieves genital itching..
People say with lichen sclerosis this helps a bunch. I
have used vinegar douching in the past when I had a pH
upset and it helped. I haven't tried it with my erosive 
lichen planus though, missing all that nice skin 
down there lol.
2) Relieves fever from sunburn..
3) Awesome soap scum remover...
I read this post at The Cotton Apron and it was
a game changer for me. 
Yesterday when I cleaned the bathroom floor, I took a 
bottle of white vinegar and just dumped it all over the 
floor. It popped and made all sorts of noises, SO easy to 
clean up in about 10 minutes later. 
4) Makes a great non chemical all purpose cleaner...

I love this stuff, use it to clean my stove and 
my counter. Also for the bathroom sink, toilet, you
name it. It doesn't give me a headache and smells nice!

5) Make your own buttermilk

Works great and I've used it for cookies back
in the day. 

Those are just some of the uses I can come 
up with but seriously I love this stuff. I can get a couple
of liters for a couple euros too, so cheap!

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