Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Frugal Things and Frugal Finds....

Spenser and I went thrift store
hopping in April when I had a 
break from blogging. We have updated
some of the features in our house for super cheap
and thought I'd share...also some other frugal stuff.

1) Spenser wanted a used xbox game but it was 20 euros.
He cashed in some of his old ones he didn't play for money,
plus with a store card discount he got the game for about
2 euros! :)
2) I made barley and rice crackers some time ago...
can't remember the recipe since I accidently threw
it away lol.

3) Check out thrift stores with tables...sometimes you have a 
50% off deal and it's a GREAT save! We've only bought 
the stuff from half off booths and while it took a couple 
months, we're doing quite well at replacing some
of our older items.

I got this washable shower curtain for 1.20 euros

This light was 3 euros (not on half off but still
very cheap). It looks so much better than
what we had for years before. We found
another for the basement for 2.50 euros half off.

I needed some new sandals and found these at
Tarjoustalo for 2 euros!

WHAT a deal! Fit me great and very comfortable.

Have the hallway "winterproofed" via rugs. Not
the kind you can't wash, all these can be
machine washed! 

I got the white one with the shoe rack on it
today for .75 euros at a 50% off table. The grey/white
one was 2.50 euros at a half off table, and the glittery small one
('tis folded in half) was 1 euro at a half off booth too! All new
rugs (ugh melting snow at winter) for 4.25 euros! :)

It's spring yes, but being in Finland you always prepare
for winter...ALWAYS lol.

Honestly that's about what I can remember us
buying..I did get a cute wicker briefcase for
the books I'm working on (ha..looong story there). It was
1.50 euros. 

So that's been some of the nice
things we've gotten! 


  1. It seems to me that you always sniff the best deals! Congrats!!

    1. Thanks! :D I enjoy hunting for deals, I'm cheap lol! :D We are at like 3 different thrift stores a week sometimes so it's all luck of the draw.


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