Monday, May 16, 2016

Death of blogging and Quiverfull fundiesm is down...connected?

I am the Queen of Resuscitation 
for blogs. Tech problems, a bad 
month, bham! they get deleted. I didn't blog
for almost the entire month of April and it was pretty
pleasant. I did feel the need to document my life less..but..
I did miss it. I've always kept a journal or diary as a kid
and this isn't really different. Plus I can
share some of my overseas life with my 
family and friends.

Blogs have just dried up and disappeared
everywhere...I am kinda particular about
the blogs I read. I prefer more religious ones
 and where home life is talked about's
interesting taking a peak into other's folks lives. :)
I used to read many Quiverfull blogs but
those kinda have fallen off by the wayside..(not that
I'm complaining..that's a rough life for people. Andrea
Yates was Quiverfull...:/). 
Being an ex fundie and Catholic Lite (my own brand lol)...I've seen
the Quiverfull Movement had multiple blows to put
it out of it's misogynistic misery.

No Longer Quivering was a huge wake up call 
to those who drunk the Koolaid. The Gothard Movement
(promoted by the Duggars) got crap canned after the 
allegations against it's founder came out. The whole 
Vision Forum thing was a super surprise. I think the 
final nail in the coffin was Josh Duggar's infidelity. 

The whole thing was a tire slowly leaking air from
the get go it seemed. Pay your 5 cents and come
watch the freak show...kinda felt that way watching
19 Kids and Counting. There is a sick interest
about this lifestyle and I was addicted to watching
the shows about it too.

For me it was "management" issues facing
the Mom. I can manage Spenser and I but 
8 kids, ahh! It was kind of distressing to
realize the daughters carried the workload in
many of the households. 

The crazy and most sick thing is...the whole
Quiverfull Movement is just about sex. I mean 
the whole "go forth and multiply" thing of course 
is the mainstay of that belief system. Even Pope
Francis said people don't need to breed like
rabbits. The whole Pandora's box of 
Catholicism and contraception is for
another time though.

I've heard kids jokingly called a 'sex trophy' and
for the Quiverfull they rack up as many as possible. Family
life centers on Mom and Dad bopping. DON'T THINK ABOUT
sums up this stuff pretty language warning!

When you read that women should wear skirts for "easy access"
for their husbands...that should send up some major red flags. 
Just...dear God.

I do think when the blinders came off...lots of people were freaked
by the truth coming out from all these things. The blogs that
once praised this lifestyle dried up because no one wants to be
aligned with "that lifestyle" where a good chunk of male
figureheads have gotten in trouble for sexual sin and depravity. 

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, 
nor is anything secret that will not be known
 and come to light. - Luke 8:17


  1. Uh, I read the link.

    Any -ism or movement, be it religious, political, enviromental or any other, can be dangerous. It's purest form can easily slip to the fundamentalist/radical side when taken seriously and literally.

    The middle road is the best, imho.

    1. YES! That is true for anything. I am like you, moderate is best! :)


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