Monday, May 2, 2016

Been a busy day...

Finnish weather is nuts. It was like
5C last week and now it's 21C! The house
is of course heating up something fierce...80F inside or
27C. I try to remind myself that fall is around the
corner in a few months. :) I just don't tolerate
 heat well...figures lol!

We had a busy shopping day!

Went to Citymarket in Jumbo, got some
good deals. Cheap yogurt for me, cocktail
weiners for 1 euro, nuggets for 1 euro each...good
savings for me. 
Went to Prisma and it went well, got same
old same old. Only thing I didn't find after Vappu
was paper plates and mayo...Finns do strange things
on May Day lol.
Went to the pharmacy and it was much cheaper than
I thought! I got a kilo of fiber and it was 15 euros instead of 
19 so that was nice! 
I got some salmon meals and chicken meals (2 each)
on sale half off and those are in the freezer. I didn't find
any pizzas or liver box so oh well...keep an eye out for later.
Went to Lidl and restocked well...they never pull down
their old sales signs and this was like...3 hours after opening. They
are kinda scuzzy about that. 

Visited a bakery outlet and got a french loaf, big
sandwich bread, juice box (spenser drank my smoothie lol),
and 3 bags of carrot rolls for about 7 euros! Not bad!
We ventured over to Ikea and got more pillows,
new black toilet brushes (all don't have to see
old nasty poo stuff anymore), and a new shelf so I'd have a place for 
our coffee stuff. Spenser installed it and some hooks for my
towels and stuff in my kitchen.


Nice! :)  It will free up space in the cabinet 
for other things.
We came home (unloaded perishables) 
and ate lunch (storebought subs)
and watched some tv. Had coffee on the porch 
and I did 2 loads of laundry today too, plus 
put on the dishwasher.  
We had to put air in the tires of the 
other car, so of course the first gas station
we visit didn't work. We went across and it
was just fine. Front right tire was 2/3 lower
than it was supposed to...oopsy lol.

We checked out a thrift store, got a
great messenger bag for 1 euro! Spenser's 
carry on died when we got here so he's got
a new one. I might claim it too though, I like it :D.
Came home, talked with my folks, and ate supper.
Not really much else but it was a BUSY day for us!

Klaukkala art baby...looks like a poo lol.


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