Friday, May 27, 2016

Around the house...

Haltiala in April

Well I'm not dead it seems lol. It's been
a pretty crazy week from last time I posted.

Last Saturday we got a nice vacation day with no
stress and nothing/no one that was bugging Spenser
and I, whoo! 

Ate at Hesburger. Spenser had a salad, I had the
bacon cheeseburger meal.

We got XL decaf coffees at Coffee House..mmm! It
was really good!

We spent 2 hours at Jumbo. We then checked out
garden stuff in some stores then drove to Vuosaari. 
I'll go through and upload those pictures at some point.
It was really nice and warm there! 

It was probably our "staycation" in the way
we just could do what we wanted with no
stress for 6 hours. Funny Spenser and I were
saying how draining it was though! We were
in recovery mode for about 4 days after that.

We were waiting for the call about Spenser's
therapy for anxiety and lo and behold, the 
doctor wouldn't decide right then. So we have
to go, the day before my huge crotch exam
for lichen planus, to the local office for
a visit with Spenser's GP. :/ I'm like...he
has an EXTENSIVE history of generalized
anxiety disorder but the doctor is like hmmm. UGH.
Problem is this pushes off therapy until fall probably
since nothing medically happens in July here, ugh.

My anxiety is just shooting through the roof lately.  Just
anxious about Spenser and my stuff. To boot we have
the dentist visit the week before and that stresses me too.

It's been about the pain body. It's a great thing
that Eckhart Tolle has talked about, how we have
this collective conscious of pain in ourselves, that it 
is like it's own entity. It seeks to keep living and feeding,
dragging your emotions down in the process. Good reading below.
My pain body has been really active lately with all these
changes going on. Instead of letting go and letting God,
I'm making more turmoil for myself.
Oh I fell off the toilet too lol. I was going to wipe and just kept 
falling forward. I grabbed the toilet seat and just kept going lol.
Yep, leg disabled. Stupid fibromyalgia making me
fall all the freaking time!

Today I went through and cleaned up
 our storage downstairs. We donated a bunch of 
stuff and it was good, made more space plus I can go
through our junk more easily! Soon I can
wash fall things :P lol

I was looking through for some papers and
found my high school transcript ?..sheet thing.

You can clearly see when the attempted rape happened. 
I remember I didn't want to learn to drive though I was 
16 too...funny how that came out of nowhere. The black
arrows point to my absences. I went from 3 the
semester before to 9 after (and forever...I had crap
attendance the last year)...funny to see proof
in the pudding on the paper.

Mom and Dad are looking at other homes, whoo!

Imagine...being able to be out and about and
not run into one of the assholes who tried to
rape you working at can dream!

So that's really what's up here. I hope
y'all are having a good weekend
out there!


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