Friday, May 20, 2016

Around the house...

Today we got out, had some good deals!

We're addicted to sugar free pear
and apple sauce baby food's REALLY
cheap here and well...the fiber is an added benefit.
We get 125 grams for about 50 us cents.

It's a good IBS snack too...Lord knows I need
that. Not that I ate a donut right now...I did
get them for 1 euro on sale lol. Oh the
heartburn..nooo lol.

I also got tortillas for 1 euro, and bakeable 
dinner rolls for .50 cents!

Stopped by the bread outlet and got
3 huge bags of carrot breadrolls 
for 3 euros! :D

We got out and about, it was a nice
but busy day! I'm pretty tired but
took some photos and thought
they came out okay.

Baby cow from yesterday, aw :D

This one cow later scratched her butt and kept
doing it, going MOOOO MOOOOOO. I
am guessing she had piles? Those things can
itch like mad lol.

It was really pretty today in Tuusula! :)

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