Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Around the house..

We have a front yard again! :) Most of the 
nasty woodpile was hauled away, the worst stuff
thrown away, and we've put down dirt and grass seed!
Wonderful to get rid of the pile of crap that was there 
for almost 8 years! We look less like
Beverly Hillbillies...well..less lol.

Man the tetanus vaccine just made us 
down for the count on the weekend. We
have the poops right now too, hurrah! :/..
also I ate sweet chili sauce and thought I
was dying..no...just chilis lol..:P
Monday I cooked quite a bit in the morning,
rice, fish soup, taters and carrots. Cleaned everything,
got dishes done twice, washed laundry.
We headed out for medical stuff (no biggie now)
and then ate Hesburger for lunch, we used coupons!
I had a bacon burger and Spenser had a salad. We split
my fries and my drink and it was 12 euros, not bad.
Stocked up on stuff...got like almost a pound of
Oreos for 1 euro :D. Yes I bought them lol..that's
a good price. Kettle chips are like crack darnit.
We came home and took the old nasty wood
to the dumping station, it wasn't too bad. We loaded up
the last nasty stuff to chunk at a later date. The yard work
went well. I will plant some perennials maybe.  

Woodpile was caused by someone who wasn't
happy with Spenser and I..they are gone from our lives
for good so it was totally time to clean that crap up and
move on!

We were busy from 11am to 5pm straight so today has
been a rest day. We went out to a thrift store
and got some groceries at Lidl..good quiet soft nice
kitteny trip :) lol

I'm addicted to the game Kingdom, SO addicting!

So that's about it here, I hope y'all are having a good
day! :)

Not missing this lol


  1. It really does feel good when you get something done completely. I'm happy for you! :-)

    I realized I have no idea of prices in Finland any more when you mentioned 12 € in Hesburger.

    1. It does! :D Thanks! I cleaned some more last night but I'm trying to rest...darn flu always going around this place lol!

      Yeah it is weird! You can still get a hamburger meal for 8 euros for 2 but it's really small. I feel that way about American prices...it's insane how much food is!


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