Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Around the house...

Been a busy day today!

Woke up, put the cooking pedal to the metal!
Made potatoes and carrots for multiple meals,
 made a big batch of cauliflower soup, made 
hot dog sauce for later. We had egg tacos for lunch,
so good!

Spenser left for a big bike trip so I finally felt
good enough to clean the bathroom floor (been like...
since October since last time...I've been sick awhile
it seems lol). I dumped white vinegar out all over 
and I heard it sizzle and popping, devouring the
nasty soap scum. It took about 20 minutes
and that wasn't bad! A hard scrub and whoo! clean.

 I cleaned the toilet and the sink, and changed all
the towels and stuff. I'm pretty happy to have
a clean bathroom! :D 

I vacuumed's been AWHILE. I had
kept up with it though via dust mopping and
broom clean here and there. It's nice to have a less ewy
floor.  I dustmopped afterward too. My vacuum
doesn't seem to pick up smaller dust things.

I did like 3 loads of laundry today too..been busy! :) I
vacuumed downstairs too where Spenser sleeps. 

It's not a OMG you sleep apart...I snore and he
has insomnia so it works. Honestly we're happier for it!
Plus we can't fart on each other...that's a plus lol :D.

Yesterday  I dusted and cleaned out the bookshelves
Spenser uses. It wasn't too bad. I brought up all 
my summer clothes too and that went well!

We sat on the porch in the
afternoon and enjoyed the heat and sunshine too. :)

That's been about it today, but it is NICE
to have food cooked, the bathroom clean,
and floors nice and shiny :).

A month ago...don't quite miss that lol! :)

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